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DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week - D/D Free For All

Since today marks the end of Celebration Week, I thought maybe it’d be fun to just have a D/D spam post? No structure! No rules! Just general nostalgia and silliness over this ship we so love. And lots of comment spamming.

So HELLO COMMUNITY! How is everyone? And has a pairing stunningly power walked across your TV screen lately? No. No. I didn’t think so.


Everyone thinks it’s about the pain. It’s not about the pain, it’s about trust.
DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week: Day 6 - Fanvid Day - the queen and the soldier (by dollsome)

"He would do anything for this woman."

DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week: Day 5 - WILD CARD DAY - 30 Prompts - 30 Lines (by irony_rocks)

Here are 30 fic prompts with matching 30 lines for said fic. Enjoy!

Dewitt/Dominic Celebration Week: Day 5 - WILD CARD DAY - Comment Ficathon! (by dollsome)
Since it’s fanfiction day on Friday, I thought it might be fun to spend today’s WILD CARD ACTIVITY (whooo!) generating some potential ideas for new D/D tales! This fandom has produced such a rich and glorious variety of fanfictions already. Today, we ask that epic question … what hasn’t been written by us yet? What D/D fic do you feel deeply needs to exist? Well, here’s your chance to try to make someone else write it!
Celebration Week - Day 4 - More Discussion-y Things (by marzipanilla)

Questions about DeWitt and Dominic being caretakers, their relationship, history and your head!canons.

Celebration Week - Day 4 - Discussion Time! (by darling_ashes)

Ten Questions regarding DeWitt/Dominic and the show in general. Included in the entry is the link to darling_ashes’ previous shipper manifesto, which is definitely a must-read